Services – Organizational Change Management

William Bethwey & Associates understand that implementation of any new initiative will have a major impact on your organization. To successfully adopt and realise the benefits of Knowledge Management, staff must fully understand and embrace the changes to work practices and behaviours.

Careful management of individual expectations, trepidations and understandings is required in order to realise a shift in workplace culture occurs. Without a sense of commitment to change, it will be more difficult to reach a state of "institutionalized" management of workplace knowledge sharing and learning.

Change Management cannot be treated as "an optional extra" alongside your overall knowledge management programme. All aspects of a workplace initiative need to be understood in terms of change effectiveness and opportunities for gaining further commitment and understanding across the myriad stakeholders.

Our Change Management services include:

  • Change Management Strategy;
  • Cultural Barrier and Enabler Assessment;
  • Mentoring and Coaching Programmes;
  • Communications Planning;
  • Training and Awareness facilitation;
  • Governance models-roles, responsibilities and expertise required; and
  • Stakeholder identification and engagement

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