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Knowledge management begins with the development of strategy. We believe that any strategy must be fully aligned with business goals and objectives and ensure that the focuses of organizational culture, process reform and technology are adequately addressed. Further, it must consider all potential sources of knowledge and information that the organization relies upon. The strategic actions developed must be achievable and provide visible and measurable results both in the short and longer term.

The following services enable successful implementation of the knowledge management strategy and build organizational capability assed on leverage of the knowledge asset.

Knowledge Capability Assessment
. Knowledge management is a complex and multi-faceted discipline. It is critical to understand the many factors that contribute to effective knowledge management. An assessment of the organizational maturity in knowledge management capability provides insight into how to best develop knowledge management strategy and leverage from leading practice.

Taxonomy Development. This is the identification of knowledge needs and the development of a disciplined structure of the information and knowledge required by the business to do its job. The taxonomy is used to identify improvement opportunities and to provide governance for storage, search and retrieval processes.

Requirements Development. One of the key issues facing any business considering adopting a knowledge management approach is of how to clearly demonstrate the value on the investment in the knowledge asset and measure the impact of improvement on the bottom line. WBA has experienced resources that can clearly present the quantitative and qualitative elements of the business case.

Technology Evaluation. The technology toolset employed by organisations is a key enabler of knowledge management disciplines. However, many organizations under-leverage existing infrastructures and invest in technology from technocratic rather than a business driven mindset. WBA has wide experience with knowledge management enabling technologies and can ensure that investment is made appropriately and that technological toolsets are utilized effectively.

Knowledge Asset Measurement. The majority of organizations do not clearly understand the value of their intangible knowledge assets. The asset itself is embedded in the people and processes of the organization and in patents, copyrights and brands. Few organizations measure the growth and use of this critical asset. WBA apply proven measurement models to assist develop this understanding and manage the asset itself.

Programme and Project Management. The implementation of business improvements requires co-ordination of activities from various disciplines and an appropriate level of cultural change management.

Further, few organizations will be able to implement knowledge management in isolation from existing business initiatives. A structured management approach ensures that resources are directed towards the right areas, synergies and dependencies between other initiatives are monitored and appropriate risk mitigation strategies are adopted.

Where possible we prefer to utilise the client's existing Project and Analytical tools such as Six Sigma methodologies, PRINCE2, and PM-BOK. This way we can frame our deliverables using the same terminology and processes in a manner familiar to the client.

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