Services – Education

To support our clients and the Knowledge Management community William Bethwey & Associates offer a number of structured courses. Additionally, in-house education can be tailored and delivered to specific needs.
William Bethwey & Associates has strong links with the University of Melbourne where we deliver formal education at higher degree level. This association underpins the academic validity of our courses which include optional assessment components.

William Bethwey delivers the following structured courses:

  • Organisational Change Management
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Introduction to Knowledge Management
  • Information Systems Governance
  • Managing Strategic Enterprise Systems
  • Measuring and Managing Knowledge
  • Social Software and Collaborative Technologies
  • The Role of Taxonomy in Knowledge Management

Our courses can be tailored for delivery as:

  • Workshops (1 Day);
  • Master Class (2 day); or
  • Short Courses (35 hours).

Courses are regularly delivered through our alliance partnerships across Australia and the Asia Pacific Region.

   Records Managers Association of Australasia - Certified Professional Education

Knowledge & Information Management Fundamentals 2 days

Change Management Techniques to Negotiate Rollout of Records Management Systems - 1 Day


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