Credentials – Resources & Energy


Maintenance Services Provider


Great Plains Integration

Implementation of the Dynamics Great Plains - Wennsoft Service Management Module, and integration with existing financial and field service management systems to support power related asset maintenance activities. 



  • Process documentation around Current State/ "As Is" and Future State/ "To Be" processes
  • Future state process design and documentation
  • Workshop planning and facilitation
  • Business requirements development and documentation
  • Project Management
  • Development of user documentation


  • Streamlined processes, and consistent understanding of the business processes across stakeholder groups
  • Timely, accurate and efficient financial management and reporting
  • Auditability

Maintenance Services Provider

William Bethwey has an ongoing relationship with a leading Australian maintenance services provider. This is a fast growing company that maintains assets for some of Australia's leading utilities, miners and manufacturers.

This organisation relies upon its superior knowledge of maintenance and reliability engineering to win multi-million dollar contracts. Critical to their success is the need to demonstrate expertise that is superior both to their direct competitors and client's in-house maintenance resources.

William Bethwey has assisted in the development of this expertise leading the following activities:

  • Development of a high level Taxonomy,
  • Trial of a Group level WIKI,
  • Review of each operating site's Enterprise Bargaining Agreement and writing out the key rules for everyday reference by supervisors and administration,
  • Managing a proof of concept trial for web-delivered workflow tools,
  • Strategic advice regarding management systems, and
  • Review of maintenance services processes such as:
    • Maintenance materials procurement
    • Consumable procurement
    • Stores management
    • Mill Maintenance routines
    • Recruitment
    • Contract labour hire

The above process reviews involve a series of interviews with all staff involved, development of Current State maps and commentary for the client's analysis and assistance in development of future state models.

William Bethwey & Associates were engaged to assist in developing a business model focused upon critical processes. These include traditional areas such as reliability engineering, as well as those previously undervalued such as innovation and process reuse.

Australian Steel Manufacturer

Since early 2004, William Bethwey has developed an ongoing relationship with the maintenance services providers of one of Australia's largest steel manufacturers. A range of activities have been conducted for their Hastings plant, mainly focused upon optimising business processes as a means of cost reduction and risk minimisation.

Process analysis, mapping and documenting:

A broad range of work processes required mapping and documenting to minimise unnecessary variance and improve the ability to report progress in a uniform manner.

The investigation process involved staff interviews, and desk research. The more complex processes were developed iteratively with close involvement from client staff. Processes included:

  • Contractor labour hire
  • Spare parts sourcing and ordering
  • Shutdown maintenance planning, and execution
  • Breakdown event management
  • Planned maintenance
  • Maintenance job requests
  • Radiation monitoring

The following corporate processes required extensive documentation development to accompany the process workflows:

  • Recruitment : Requisition, Sourcing, Health and Referee Checking, Induction, Probation
  • Termination
  • Weekly payroll processing

Where there were several variations to work practices, William Bethwey summarised key areas of improvement, allowing the client to focus decisions and prioritise subsequent tasks.


Gas and Electricity Utility


Develop Knowledge Management Strategy


  • Conduct Knowledge Management Audit
  • Develop High Level Taxonomy
  • Assess Current Knowledge Management Capability
  • Develop Implementation Strategy
  • Identify Infrastructure/Architectural Options
  • Develop Strategic Blueprint


Development of Knowledge Management Strategy supported by business case, implementation plan and governance structure.

Australian Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Company

William Bethwey & Associates were engaged over a 12 month period for subject matter expertise assisting this organisation's knowledge management implementation. This included:

  • Community of practice programme development
  • Communications planning and implementation
  • Developing governance models including roles, responsibilities and performance management
  • Assisting programme management and reporting
  • Assisting development of enabling technologies including collaboration tools, and search engines.

Australian Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Company

Provision of internal knowledge and information management analytical expertise. Key roles were:

  • Asia-Pacific representative of global taxonomy development programme, and
  • Asia-Pacific representative of global collaboration software implementation. Tasks included:
    • Staff training program development and implementation across several regional offices
    • Establishment of support network
    • Consulting services to those departments adopting the tool as a new way of working
    • Establishing virtual team working practices