Digital Inclusion Moving from Chalk and Talk to e-Education

March 2018   Dr Rod Dilnutt to present on the contribution of MooC education models.

In our digital age, there is general acceptance of a correlation between education and social and economic prosperity and the enhancement of human well-being. Dr Rod Dilnutt will present his research findings on the contribution of MooC education models at the 18th International Conference on Diversity in Organisations, Communites and Nations in June 2018, Austin, Texas, USA.

WBA Intern Wins ACS Student Disruptor Award

30 November 2016

WBA Student Intern, Shane Hercules win the ACS ICT Student Disruptor Award 2016 for work on Free Cloud Readiness Assessment tools


WBA Intern Wins ACS Student Disruptor Award

WBA Student Intern, Shane Hercules wins the ACS ICT Student Disruptor Award 2016  for work on Free WBA Readiness Assessment Tools.

Shane is a student of The University of Melbourne, Master of Information Systems who completed his internship with WBA. As part of his internship Shane developed readiness Assessments for Cloud-based Computing and Enterprise Content Management.  These tools support WBA Consulting services for those clients that are considering moving to the cloud or establishing an information management capability.

The Australian Computer Society's Digital Disruptor Awards are awarded to honour the efforts of Australia’s ICT professionals, both teams and individuals at the forefront of digital disruption. For 2016 Shane Hercules is the winner of the ICT Student of the Year category.

The readiness assessments are available at no cost and help organisations make preliminary assessments of their readiness to either Move to the Cloud or develop an Information Management capability.

These assessments form part of a further diagnostic toolset used by WBA to help understand the challenges, risks of so doing and to help develop the roadmap to successfully realise their business benefits.

Follow this link to see an overview of Shane's achievement.

Congratulations Shane - we are proud of you!