Digital Inclusion Moving from Chalk and Talk to e-Education


March 2018   Dr Rod Dilnutt to present on the contribution of MooC education models at the 18th International Conference on Diversity in Organisations, Communites and Nations in June 2018, Austin, Texas, USA.

In our digital age, there is general acceptance of a correlation between education and social and economic prosperity with an underlying assumption that universal education and better educated populations will foster innovation, prosperity and the enhancement of human well-being and reduce poverty.

This paper discusses the impact digital education models have had in the advancement of digital inclusion.  In addition, it explores the contemporary environment and observes the disruption that advances in digital technology have had on educational models and how this contributes to digital inclusiveness.  A MOOC case example is used to evaluate the level of adoption achieved and explore the pedagogical lessons learned for educators adopting a MOOC delivery approach.  This discussion identifies a potential two-tiered pattern of adoption which has implications for digital inclusion theory that is worthy of further research.

A draft of the article is in our library.