A Fellow of The British Computer Society, The Chartered Institute for IT occupies place among the most senior and respected professionals in IT. Fellows are included on the Register of Chartered Members and Fellows for those who make distinguished and influential contributions to computing leadership in and across communities and have real influence in the industry.

Dr Dilnutt has been associated with The Unversity of Melbourne for over 20 years as an industry Fellow, where he lectures in hiigher degree programmes.  He is also a Fellow of the Australian Computer Society.

Writing in Ingenium, published by The University of Melbourne, Dr Dilnutt reflects on his 35 year career as an ICT professional.


March 2018   Dr Rod Dilnutt to present on the contribution of MooC education models at the 18th International Conference on Diversity in Organisations, Communites and Nations in June 2018, Austin, Texas, USA.

In our digital age, there is general acceptance of a correlation between education and social and economic prosperity with an underlying assumption that universal education and better educated populations will foster innovation, prosperity and the enhancement of human well-being and reduce poverty.

This paper discusses the impact digital education models have had in the advancement of digital inclusion.  In addition, it explores the contemporary environment and observes the disruption that advances in digital technology have had on educational models and how this contributes to digital inclusiveness.  A MOOC case example is used to evaluate the level of adoption achieved and explore the pedagogical lessons learned for educators adopting a MOOC delivery approach.  This discussion identifies a potential two-tiered pattern of adoption which has implications for digital inclusion theory that is worthy of further research.

A draft of the article is in our library.


WBA Student Intern, Shane Hercules wins the ACS ICT Student Disruptor Award 2016  for work on Free WBA Readiness Assessment Tools.

Shane is a student of The University of Melbourne, Master of Information Systems who completed his internship with WBA. As part of his internship Shane developed readiness Assessments for Cloud-based Computing and Enterprise Content Management.  These tools support WBA Consulting services for those clients that are considering moving to the cloud or establishing an information management capability.

The Australian Computer Society's Digital Disruptor Awards are awarded to honour the efforts of Australia’s ICT professionals, both teams and individuals at the forefront of digital disruption. For 2016 Shane Hercules is the winner of the ICT Student of the Year category.

The readiness assessments are available at no cost and help organisations make preliminary assessments of their readiness to either Move to the Cloud or develop an Information Management capability.

These assessments form part of a further diagnostic toolset used by WBA to help understand the challenges, risks of so doing and to help develop the roadmap to successfully realise their business benefits.

Follow this link to see an overview of Shane's achievement.

Congratulations Shane - we are proud of you!


Masterclass - Moving to the Cloud

With the Cloud disrupting almost every aspect of social and organisational activity, William Bethwey & Associates are pleased to announce a new Masterclass that is now being offered as part of the Moving to the Cloud service line. This Masterclass supports and complements our Cloud Service line.

The Masterclass is about the business and organisational issues, and accommodates real case studies and experiences for the senior stakeholders that wish to become ‘Cloud Smart’.

Fill in our Cloud Readiness Assessment to receive a free report of your organisation’s readiness to move to the cloud.

Cloud Readiness Assessment: https://goo.gl/forms/lUyyNnLRGxjWoTOh2

And be sure to check out the Masterclass video on Youtube with Dr. Rod Dilnutt.

Don’t let yourself or your organisation get left behind. In our Moving to the Cloud Masterclasses you will learn all you need to know to succeed and become ‘CloudSmart'.


Moving to the Cloud

Cloud is disrupting almost every aspect of organisational and social activity.  Commercial research analysts consider cloud as one of the most significant disruptors facing businesses today and business interest in Moving to the Cloud is growing exponentially.  Many organisations now have a 'Cloud First' strategy.

However, we caution you to make sure you know what and how to Move to the Cloud and what the benefits are.  Too many organisations are locked into unfavourable contracts and have failed to reengineer their businesses to achieve the anticipated results.

William Bethwey & Associates have gathered significant experience in working with clients to strategically Move to the Cloud.  The lessons learned and best practices of this experience is being formalised into a Moving to the Cloud Service line.

WBA takes a life-cycle view of Moving to the Cloud and the service will provide methods, standards, templates and best practice assessment to leverage this experience to reduce risk and maximise return on investment. 

Importantly, WBA can help CXO's answer the following questions:

  • What should I prioritise into the Cloud?
  • Where should I source Cloud services?
  • What are the commercials?
  • Where is my leverage?
  • How do I realign my legacy business practices and architectures?
  • How do I gear up my people and structure my organisation?

WBA has partnered with The Cullen Group whose expertise in Cloud contracts provides the foundation on which to Move to the Cloud and to create sustainable benefits.

For further, information and to book no obligation discussions contact us at   cloud@williambethwey.com.au